Why Invest in Real Estate?

“It’s not hard to see why real estate investment is so alluring. From the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2004, home prices nationally rose 50 percent, according to the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. During that period, the Standard & Poors 500-stock index, a broad measure of the stock market, fell 17 percent.”

-The Washington Post, May 2005

Everyone has thought about investing in real estate at one time or another. How many times have you seen real estate prices soar in an area near you and wished you owned more property? There are many good reasons to diversify your portfolio and to make real estate part of your investing…

Real estate has been a SOLID long-term investment!
Despite market crashes, land values have survived the test of time. Real estate has steadily increased for centuries, with few declines. The stock market has not been so lucky, and many have taken significant losses as a result. Think you’re better off getting 3% in the bank? Real estate generally appreciates by 5 to 10% when an area is not showing major growth. If developers come into an area that you own land in, however, land prices have been shown to explode and may even double in a short time!



Land is a functional investment that cannot be created or made obsolete
The demand for land is a relatively simple concept. The US population is growing at a staggering rate. People need a place to live. It seems like every time we turn a corner there are new homes being built. Today’s vacant lot is tomorrow’s building site. Unlike a stock or mutual fund, land is a tangible, usable asset, that cannot be ruined by scandals and lawsuits.  Isn't it nice to have a little security in these turbulent times?

The #1 word in investing is DIVERSIFY
Even the largest of real estate investors do not have ALL of their money tied up in it. Smart investors will diversify their assets, which means putting some money in savings accounts and CDs, some money in stocks and mutual funds, and some money in real estate (beyond your primary residence). Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to invest some of your money in real estate. If your real estate investments outperform your more traditional investments, we'll make it simple to acquire more.


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